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Just About To Buy Rs265 Cup Premium Should I


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Hi all im just in a spot of bother


I have a mk6 golf r with stg 2 mods and its fast


so here is my problem im up for a change and have liked the rs265 for some time took a new one for a drive on the weekend and come away with mixed feelings


the rs265 is a very nice steering driver input as to golf r but the rs265 was leaving me wanting more power as to the golf r


so my problem is can I live with not having the same power as the golf r and could I tune the rs265 to give me that wow factor as the golf r gives if so who does tuning and what do I need


note..i do like to drive hard from time to time and don't track race


ps..nice forum and very enjoyable reading





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Hello and welcome to the forum!


Can't help you with much on the technical stuff other than to say that once you've thrown your RS around a few corners you'll forget right away about the step down in power from the Golf R, and I reckon the wow factor in its capabilities is definitely bigger than the wow factor in how quickly an R gets to speed :wink:


That said, the Golf R is a very, very nice car, great package all around with lovely build and finish, but I can't say I had as much fun in one for a day of driving it around as I did in the two Clios and the Meg I've had in under 5 minutes. You can see what I'm trying to hint at here: looking forward to photos of your new car :D

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Hi cpw,


Welcome to the forum.  I can empathize with you as I had an Audi S3 a couple of years ago which I bought new with stage 2 APR kit on it.  Had never spent so much money on a car before buying that!!  Wickedly fast, insane amounts of grip.  You could pretty much could leap tall buildings in that thing...


Build quality was very good as you would expect from VAG.  Problem was despite all its qualities (and there are many - just as with your Golf R as they are pretty much twins after all) is that there was something missing.  Call it an "X" factor if you like, but the sense when driving it (when not running at licence threatening speeds) was that it was a shopping trolley with some fast bits.  It was kind of boring (sorry I really don't mean to offend anyone with an S3 or Golf R as the popularity of these cars cannot faulted, nor their appeal to a wide audience demographic).  They are truly remarkable vehicles for sure.  I am not questioning that - rather I am talking more about what they are not.


I am speaking just from my perceptions, but the fact that you have asked your question on this forum here suggests you may also have a similar sense of a missing "X" Factor.  You have an amazing car, have modded it to be even faster and better (hmmmm...  that sounds familiar)  :nod:  Good news - there is an answer, and you may just be at the right place!


The solution for me was the RS275 Trophy R.  Not everyone's cup of tea for sure, and certainly it lacks a few of the practicality ticks that would allow it to gain access into too many garages.  Not to mention there are only 50 of them (in Aus anyway).  But for me it comprehensively defines the X factor I was looking for, and then sets about slapping you in the face with it every time you drive it!  It really is that good. :mrgreen:


The real world differences between it and even the 265 are, for me, profound enough to make it something unique in its own right.  The slightly stiffer suspension, the reduced weight (is actually really noticeable), even the rumble and roar as you drive from no sound deadening gives the rawness that you don't normally expect in a new vehicle.  It says "race car" much more than "shopping trolley" and puts a smile on the dial every time.  And then you throw it into a corner...  Wow!!! The balance, the poise, the grunt coming out the other side.  And look - another corner...  another grin, another pop and burble from the sports exhaust.  Way too cool...  Has you searching for the long way home/to the shop/just for the hell of it... (you will hear that a lot on this forum - all RS cars are drivers' cars - everywhere, all the time. I think that is the real point of difference of one).


As I said - the "X" factor.  Yes there are faster cars around (not too many mind you), and certainly ones with more power (ask any HSV driver - he will tell you), but if you want that very special something that everyone on this forum understands and is happy to share with you, may I suggest you pry the keys out of the hands of an RS275 R owner and give one a try.  I promise you there is nothing that you will find lacking (other than rear seats...   :D ) compared with your Golf R, and a whole bunch of something that you will still be scratching your head about wondering what it is long after the exhaust is quiet and the engine is cooled.


Ahhh the French - the wine, the women and the cars!!!  RS style at least... :hail:


Hopefully I may have helped you a little, but beware - an RS will be a seat of the pants decision, taken from the heart.  No checklists will ever do one justice.  You have to see it in the metal and feel it in the real...  And then you will want one!


Good luck with your endeavours, and happy shopping  :D

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That's well put by Jason above.

My two cents....

When buying a car, totally ignore 0-100 times, torque figures, blah blah blah...

You want to buy a car for how it makes you feel.

That's what RS cars do. It makes the driver feel something.

It doesn't matter if it's a Clio 172 or a Megane 275.

When I chuck my car into a corner or rev it to 7500 rpm, it's so much fun. There is a drama about it. The noise, the ride.  And it's only got 200 HP!

I test drove an Audi S3. As a piece of machinery it was fantastic, but it lacked the driver involvement that RS delivers.

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I just came out of a 2013 turbo BMW into an RS265 and I have to say it had nothing on the RS. The Beema was modded with all sorts of expensive parts and it still was no where near as much fun as this car. The only downside of the RS is the stereo. However I will be upgrading this for a couple of grand and the car still cost me less than half the Beema. Honestly I have never owned a car this much fun standard. There would be very few cars this fast and well balanced point to point or around your favourite driving road. To be honest I feel like an idiot for spending all the money I spent on my BMW to try to make it as fun as this car is. I took delivery of my RS 265 cup + 4 days ago and haven't stopped smiling since.

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I have had an RS265 for the last 18 months and still look forward to driving it. An awesome car that involves you as a driver, and if you do track days will impress even further.


If you only see driving as a means of getting from point A to point B you are not going to appreciate its 'special talents'. If you are interested in the HOW and having an INVOLVEMENT in your driving you will LOVE it. (I note from your previous drives that you should know the difference)


All the best with your choice. :)

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Thank all

I think I might need to test drive it again  just to be 100%

my golf r is an amazing car so the rs 265 will have some big shoes to fill


ps..where is the best place to get a stage 1 or 2 tune for the rs 265 in Sydney ( mark parso ?)

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