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G'day G'day... Again


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Hi all,


Been poking around the forum for a couple years now I think and finally took the plunge on a Clio 182 cup. I've had the little bugger for a bit over a week now and am absolutely smitten! Still ironing out some kinks and looking for a good bike carrier for the roof racks. 


I've just come from a base 2004 Fiesta and was driving a NB MX5 before that so it's good to be in something that's a great steer.


Anyway, looking forward to learning a lot and contributing where I can.





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Thanks everyone! From Melbourne. Unfortunately the wheels are a bit gutter rashed (doesn't show in the photo) so I'll be looking to do a plastidip touch up in a similar colour over the next few weeks. Otherwise it's a very clean car, very happy with it!

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Sounds like I was reading my own car history in reverse! started in a base 05 fiesta then went to an NB mx5, always been interested in the 182 cup and am about to take delivery of a new RS265. Great minds I guess!


Haha seems like a natural progression! The MX5 was a great car to learn how to drive for fun, not much power and a very predictable chassis. Also good to learn about maintaining your car as well! Hope the 265 treats you well! I'll say the Clio is a lot sharper than the MX5 and has the extra 15kW that the NB could have really used. It also sounds significantly better - like an angry, grumpy sound. Still undecided on if I'll miss RWD... only time will tell!


Great car, welcome. 


My silver 182 cup moved to Melbourne once upon a time, who knows, maybe this is it :)


Pretty sure it's a Melbourne car from new (I might have to read through the books again though), sorry I can't reconnect you two!

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