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    G'day G'day... Again

    Haha seems like a natural progression! The MX5 was a great car to learn how to drive for fun, not much power and a very predictable chassis. Also good to learn about maintaining your car as well! Hope the 265 treats you well! I'll say the Clio is a lot sharper than the MX5 and has the extra 15kW that the NB could have really used. It also sounds significantly better - like an angry, grumpy sound. Still undecided on if I'll miss RWD... only time will tell! Pretty sure it's a Melbourne car from new (I might have to read through the books again though), sorry I can't reconnect you two!
  2. phlat

    G'day G'day... Again

    Thanks everyone! From Melbourne. Unfortunately the wheels are a bit gutter rashed (doesn't show in the photo) so I'll be looking to do a plastidip touch up in a similar colour over the next few weeks. Otherwise it's a very clean car, very happy with it!
  3. Hi all, Been poking around the forum for a couple years now I think and finally took the plunge on a Clio 182 cup. I've had the little bugger for a bit over a week now and am absolutely smitten! Still ironing out some kinks and looking for a good bike carrier for the roof racks. I've just come from a base 2004 Fiesta and was driving a NB MX5 before that so it's good to be in something that's a great steer. Anyway, looking forward to learning a lot and contributing where I can. Cheers
  4. phlat

    G'day g'day

    Cheers for the link, gave the bloke a call, he didn't pick up and it's a business number so i'm guessing it is actually a company car like the comment says... not sure what to make of it, will wait 'til I speak with him I guess. Expecting the clutch to be questionable though if it's had a lot of different drivers. Other than that, thanks heaps for the advice. Can only hope now haha
  5. phlat

    G'day g'day

    Haha yeah that's the idea!
  6. phlat

    G'day g'day

    yeah that'll be something i'll be taking into account. It looks like it's in decent condition with some superficial damage (gutter rash on the wheels, steering wheel grips) but that's to be expected.
  7. phlat

    G'day g'day

    Yeah it was a rough estimate from one of the other threads saying you're probably up for about 300-400 every 6 months. I threw a an extra 400 on top to cover for blow ups/unforeseen maintenance etc. just to be safe, better to over budget than under budget was the thinking behind it.
  8. phlat

    G'day g'day

    Yeah it'll be a daily to head to the hills in and hoping for the occasional track day. Good to hear it's cheaper than the doom and gloom estimate. Thanks for that!
  9. phlat

    G'day g'day

    hey guys So I've been lurking here for a while just trying to absorb as much info as I can about clio 182s and it seems like there's a pretty solid community around the little buggers. Anyway, I'm currently driving a NB MX5 but i'm needing something a little more practical. I was lucky enough to drive the 'ring in July this year in a clio 200 cup and fell in love with it (wanted to drive one for a while too) and seeing as the 182 is half the price with a slightly better power to weight ratio, why the hell not! The running costs are kind of driving me nuts just thinking about, so I'm considering saving my pennies a little longer (unless a prime example comes up at a reasonable price... eyeing off this one http://www.carsales.com.au/private/deta ... =0&sdmvc=1 ...Might not be prime, but close enough to be curious) One question though, would I be in the right ball park budgeting $1,200 for servicing per year from a specialist? cheers!
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