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Dang Renault, you got me hooked


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Greetings and salutations to anyone reading this!


I've finally built up the effort to introduce myself after creepin' around on the forums for the past couple of months. I bought a 172 back in August as my first car from Maaad, and wow, I don't think I'd need to tell you RS fanatics how amazing it is. Keen to properly be of apart of this community (or try to be) in the coming months. Currently living in Castle Cove and I'm aware there's quite of few of you that arent too far away. Although, you probably won't be seeing my face until next year since I'm actually still on my L's :oops:


For the sake of an introduction and how I came to being an owner of an RSC, I'm going to tell a little story. About 2 years ago, I was going to for my L's. As I was a year younger than my peers, most were already on their P's. I ended up being in 2 pretty bad accidents as a passenger during those 2 years that put me off driving altogether. The start of this year, a good mate of mine who'd essentially grew up on the track and under the hood took me for a spirited drive in his 70s Buggy (what a weapon that bugger is). That drive changed everything. He then told me the story of his RSC 197 - and that's when it happened. Got my L's right after, and a few months later, a Clio pops up and catches my eye. And yeah... that's basically the jist of it.


2 weeks ago I took it to Wakefield, and dang Renault, you got me hooked.



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Wow what an amazing story .. sorry about the accidents.. but amazingly cool that you are hooked after one track day :)


Look foward to meeting you :) perhaps at the Nats! ( I am based in VIC ) !


Enjoy the Clio! ah I still miss my 172 :) haha awesome!

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