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  1. I'm currently trying to PM, but it gives me the error that "the member ____ can not use the messaging system". Is this the case for everyone else right now?
  2. Cheers for the warm welcome lads. Cant wait to start going to the meets and track days with you all.
  3. Greetings and salutations to anyone reading this! I've finally built up the effort to introduce myself after creepin' around on the forums for the past couple of months. I bought a 172 back in August as my first car from Maaad, and wow, I don't think I'd need to tell you RS fanatics how amazing it is. Keen to properly be of apart of this community (or try to be) in the coming months. Currently living in Castle Cove and I'm aware there's quite of few of you that arent too far away. Although, you probably won't be seeing my face until next year since I'm actually still on my L's For th
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