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Hi All - new to the Renault brand and the forum


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Hi All,


Recently purchased the liquid yellow RS265 Cup Premium, like the new front end but quite upset they left out Xenons...?


Its actually been a long while since I invested in a hot hatch due to kids.. The last one was a type-R and everyone else in my family now has either VW's (Scirocco) or BMW hot hatches (m135) - thought I'd be a bit different. Loved the test drive of this car, made the new S3 seem boring - never looked back.


Still getting used to the French design quirks.

Is there much in terms of light tuning options on the Megane? I know VW and Audi are a dime a dozen..

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Welcome to the world of RS mate. Nothing wrong with being different and I bet the rest of the family will be itching to get hold of your keys for a drive. There's a couple of tunes available but I will let those in the know comment on that topic. I can only recommend if you want it to sound a little better do the exhaust mods. Where are you located?

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welcome , great choice and in the best colour ! :nod:


RS are never boring like some other brands - enjoy . i've got a remap via Henk who you will see referred to on here . got another 50hp and plenty more torques , with stock everything else

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Thanks guys - loving the car so far. Only clocked 640 k's thought, been told by the dealer to take it easy in the first 1000 and then drive it really hard... Finding it hard to take it easy :/


As for MODS, I'd like to get your opinions. My initial thought was just a light mod, re-map un-lock a bit more HP and Torque but not too much. As for the sound, is it worthwhile tinkering with the exhaust any brands worth considering?


I'm based in Sydney around the Hills area to answer that question, but have no idea which Tunehouse would be more suited to a Meg RS.?


Thankyou all

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