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Racing Blue Clio III 200 Cup - Perth

RB 200

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I'm new to the forum so firstly a hello!

Purchased a Clio III RS (ex demo) last week, I'm assuming this has to be one of the last to roll off the production line (registered July 2013 - built late 2012). Hopefully she serves me well, and a week in... still no rattles (yet).


Anyhow - coming from a long line of french hot hatches (Saxo VTS - Ph2 172 - 306 GTi etc.), I am glad to say that my worries about it not having 'that charm' and being a bit lardy / steady have long gone - it's a gem!





ps, still working on how to upload a picture - please feel free to point me in the right direction.

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Congrats. Great car you got there. I got one of the last of the breed too. You are going to love it! I think these will become very desirable in years to come as one of the best drivers car ever. Not that I'm biased at all :wink:

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RB 200. Congrats on your latest French car!


As for photo uploading, I think there's a minimum 50 post count before you can attach photos to posts via the forum server.

The easiest way around this for you is to set up a photobucket, imageshack, insertphotohostingsitenamehere account and copy and paste your photo address into your posts.

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