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Tempted back

Imported Mustache

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Hi all!

Just discovered this forum recently and slightly being tempted back into 172 ownership haha.

A few years ago I had a flame red Ph1 172 (forgot which number unfortunately) until it hit a pothole and decided to blow its gearbox.

Had a 205 GTI before it and since then mucked around with VW/Audi's but recently convinced a friend to get himself a ph2 172 and fell in love with them all over again which led me here.


I'm being irresponsible by flirting with the idea of getting a 172 as a second car 8) At the time I wasn't really a fan of the Ph1 looks and always lusted after a Ph2 but I feel I may have seen the error of my ways haha so I may or may not be on the hunt for one in the not to distant future :wink:


Unfortunately this is one of the few pictures I have of it, ended up in a ditch when ABS decided to kick in at about 5km/h when doing a U turn on gravel and ripped off my front bar when taking the 16 hour "scenic route" from Melbourne to Sydney via Thredbo a few years ago :evil:


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It's getting to the point where we'll need to put a Gentlemans agreement in place when certain cars come up for sale! Dibs on 28! :lol:


Just do it, particularly if its a second car. Damn familiar story this though!

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Welcome mate. Great photo, that. Hope to see you back in RSC soon 8)

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