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newbie from adelaide


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Firstly id like to thank OZRENAULTSPORT for brining all Renault lovers together under one roof :hyper:


I recently just bought an 06 Megane sport cup lol I think Renault could make it easier by putting a sexy badge or something to make it perfectly clear for a peanut like me hahaha.

Anyway this is my fourth Renault. After my first Renault 12 in bright orange I felt destined to own the Megane in the orange also, and dam I love those rims and huge ass!!!!! :booty:

I'm not sure how many Adelaide kids are out there but id love to catch up for some drive days through the Beautiful Adelaide hills, Barrosa or Victor Harbour. I think the wife would be also :D So hit us up if anything is going down would much appreciate it.

Thanks again cheers from Ryan

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Welcome and congrats. I love 225s in BO!

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Cheers man I wouldn't have it any other way and the guy selling it to me knew too $$$$$

But hey I bought it from Sydney, The wife and I flew over picked her up and had our first road trip via Canberra back to Adelaide. Best and most exciting purchase ever, for me anyway :) I couldn't sleep the night before picking it up hahaha

You don't see very many orange ones in Radelaide but when I did I was always ORANGE with jealousy not now :)

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cheers guys I'm in kilburn just of prospect road. sorry still learning how to use these forums hahaha

unfortunatly not MM-RS250 but for me this is my absolute fave bmx from the 80's its called a suparoo and they were made locally in Adelaide.

Id love to see a line up of Blood Orange Meganes lined up one day any chance of organising a hills day or something???

I'm not very good with these computers is there any way of personal msging or creating a Adelaide group thread calender

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