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hi, yellow clio edc 200


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Hi guys


I got referred to this forum after a photo I posted on twitter, and though I'd check the forum out.


I purchased a liquid yellow clio rs 200 edc sport early January. Haven't seen another on the road yet even though it's been a few months.


If anyone has any questions about anything to do with the car don't hesitate to ask.







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This may be a noob question but I can't seem to find anyone that has put aftermarket wheels on a edc 200, what the max width and offset that you can squeeze in. I think the standard offset is +47 and the tyres are 205 or 215 wide.


With that in consideration it looks like I can squeeze another 10mm offset from the brake caliper on the front and maybe 20-25 mm on the rear, but how wide I can go without any guard rolling I have no idea.


But judging from the offset clearance I'd say a staggered offset would be great since it has the caliper clearance on the rear.

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from walkie86:

The 200 EDC has a normal wheel spec range so there's plenty of aftermarket choice out there. Just search eBay for anything fits an Evo 5-9, from my understanding


Yes there are plenty of wheels, but getting the right width and offset so I'd doesn't scrub on the guard, or hit the brake calipers is very important.


I may have to physically measure it all up. :(

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7.5" wide and ET45 are the stock dims from what I can gather. You won't be scrubbing with a lower ET unless you're lowered, I'd suspect.

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