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Got one at last!


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Just bought a 182, silver, 72000 km, nice clean stock example. Really good service history, belts recently done. Had to go to Melbourne after not finding what I was after here in Sydney - flew down yesterday, jumped in the car & drove back (long day). Love the car - responsive, communicative, no rattles, and felt much more solid and composed on country roads than a 1090kg hatch deserves to be.


Previous cars were a Skoda Octavia RS DSG 2l turbo, 2001 WRX (modified, 3 years of supersprints), 1998 WRX (standard). Intentionally fail to mention Ford and Toyota company cars that slotted in between. Have a Kwaka ZX9R as well.


Will probably go for RS tuner, maybe a pad filter for acoustic amusement as well. Will investigate what is the best with simple suspension improvements also - polyurethane bushes, swaybar, camber bolts and a good wheel alignment etc. Any suggestions welcome.


Big grin since popping my Clio cherry :lol:

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Good luck and happy driving go both the new owners. :)


Thanks BUGSO,


Very excited. Blood orange come at me


Nice! If you can update your profile and show location city/town, it will stop people asking. lollll

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