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  1. Thanks again for help, got a 182 from Melbourne, low k's, nice clean stock example, loving it - what a great bloody car the Clio sport is! Let the journey begin.... Gaz
  2. Just bought a 182, silver, 72000 km, nice clean stock example. Really good service history, belts recently done. Had to go to Melbourne after not finding what I was after here in Sydney - flew down yesterday, jumped in the car & drove back (long day). Love the car - responsive, communicative, no rattles, and felt much more solid and composed on country roads than a 1090kg hatch deserves to be. Previous cars were a Skoda Octavia RS DSG 2l turbo, 2001 WRX (modified, 3 years of supersprints), 1998 WRX (standard). Intentionally fail to mention Ford and Toyota company cars that slotted in
  3. He checked the spark plugs, there was some water, blew it dry with an air gun. Seemed okay when he started it, but symptoms reappeared after 3 or 4 k's.
  4. Thanks all for the warm welcome and advice. Nemz, I had a look at the 182 F1 last night. However the owner had degreased and washed the engine in preparation for sale, and water has gotten into the electrics somewhere. Was misfiring and a bit shakey. So unfortunately did not drive the car. Owner is taking it to his mechanic tomorrow, I'll go back Friday or Saturday. Nice clean car, though. I also looked at a 03 172 at Chidiac motors, Burwood. 154k, log books, reasonably good condition, $5990. At this stage this is my fallback if the 182 falls through. I can get a 3 year warranty for $1
  5. Hi all, looking to purchase a 172 or 182 sport in the next week or so - clean example with good service history, road use. Anyone with one for sale, advice, or any other suggestions, please contact me! Test drove an 03 172 today, first drive of a Clio, great drive but a bit ratty on the inside. Bloody impressive little car though, certainly understand what all the fuss is about. Sydney based. Look forward to getting into Clio culture and meeting fellow enthusiasts through the forum. Gary.
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