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New to Renault Sport


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Hi everyone I am new to the forum and new to Renault Sport. I have signed up on a Red Bull RB8 on Friday which is currently sitting in the Dealer's showroom. Cannot wait to pick it up this week, hopefully, and have some fun and find out what everyone is raving about :D . It is a bit hard to push the car when you are just doing a test drive around the block in the dealer's demo vehicle.



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Parked my car in the driveway and noticed a big red scrape down the front guard and door on the passenger's side. It looks like some ahole has hit my car in a car park. Not a very happy day for me today.


Hi aussieb8

Can't believe someone would not leave a note given it was Australia Day. Plus the fact its a new car. If its scratched lightly the body shop may be able to give it a light buff/polish without taking too much of the clear coat off. I've had that done before.


The good thing(although still not the best) is that now you have that first scratch out of the way. Unless you drive the car fully wrapped and dont park you car in shopping centres anywhere near other cars and park now where near gutters it going to happen at some stage. Probably not so soon after you got it though. And you can live with your own scratches to ones done by some idiot.


Is the scratch hi or low on door. Low is obviously better as its harder to see.

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