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Hi Admins, Congratulations on a job well done.

May I suggest that we have a topic created to show "NEW RS MODEL RELEASES"?

Being a CLIO III owner, I tend to look there at nearly every site visit and then I go to other general areas such as the social pages, the lounge or for sales, then the motorsport sections. However, I just found that a new release of the MEG has been announced and unless I was browsing the Megane specific folders, I would not have known it was there.

The same applied when the GT220 was announced and it was not until the CLIO IV was actually released for sale that the discussion topics were put up anywhere obvious to the casual visitor.


I think that a generic topic to cover all NEW release models from RenaultSport would be very popular and of course the discussions would die down after the ultimate release happens.


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^ what 'e said. That's where I go to keep abreast of all topics. Half of the topics I just skim the title, to see if there's anything new.


'View active topics' is in the second white band at the top of the page.



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Is there a problem to create a new page in the Renault Sports discussion?


Thanks for the tip Nemz. Never used that before. I still think my idea is worthwhile if it may be considered thanks.

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We already have the General Renaultsport section where people can start topics on new models that don't have a section yet allocated to them (e.g. the Clio 4 before the new section was created):




But generally, as per acr's example, an updated version of an existing model is going to go in that model's section. e.g. Megane GT220, Megane 265 facelift in Megane 3 section.


I think creating a general RS section will just mean more duplicate threads, as people who don't look in there will start a post in the 'correct' area.


Appreciate the feedback though, Ray. The 'View active topics' is a good one and changed my forum experienced when I discovered it!

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