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New Renault Megane RS 265 Cup +


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G'day everyone.


Just got a new RS 265 CUP. Amazing vehicle!!

Got a question about running the car in. The dealer

said to drive it like I've had it for years but the Megane Driver's

Handbook talks about not exceeding 130 km/h in the

highest gear (not that I'm planning to go that fast) and

not exceeding 3,000 to 3,500 rpm for the first 1,000 km.


Any ideas ?


Also is it better to warm the car up for a minute or so

or just get in and drive, especially on cold mornings?


Again Megane Quick Guide says NOT do run it at idle

even in winter.


Thanks in advance.

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the only thing on your list of questions everyone agrees on is to not fang the crap outta your car until it reaches appropriate temps. You can keep tabs on the rs monitor/dash needle or you'll know cause the limiter will kick in a lot earlier in the rev range if you're giving it beans from the get go


Running in is split 3 ways around here.

Many baby it, while some drive like they stole it and others decide to vary the revs never letting it labour on any one particular part of the range.


... just enjoy the car :wink:

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Welcome mate.


I recently merged 4 threads on this topic, dating back to 2011. Check the Megane III section for extended discussion 8)

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Enjoy and Congrats :) i picked my 265 up last sat, took it easy first 100 km to run in brakes etc and been driving it like mad, when conditions allow, ever since! I reved mine past 3k with only 40 on the clock.. These days engines/lubricants r good enough that you do not need to worry too much when running in everything like older cars...

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Welcome, take some pictures when you can, especially the interior!


Drive it like an auto journalist from day one I say, mine has been and it makes healthy power.

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Even if you try to baby it.. I doubt you will be able to :)


I took mine for a highway drive sydney - goulburn and back. After that been driving it like it should be driven every day. Just enjoy it, that's the main thing! Congratulations on the purchase.

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