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New owner: RS 265


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Welcome, congrats, & oops!

Word on the forum is that it'd be a costly exercise to retro the xenons.

EDIT: Sorry, meant to add that there are way better ways to enjoy the car and upgrades than the headlights.

Hope I didn't kill your buzz at all!

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Hi All,


Recently picked up my RS 265 cup and absolutely loving it. An amazing machine! Only regret is that I didn't option the bi-xenons. Am looking to retrofit them (preferrably OEM), and am hoping someone on here can help me out.




G'day & welcome, forget the xenons & spend the cash on an exhaust upgrade or ecu fiddle, way more fun :) .

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welcome . good choice 8)8)


dont worry about the headlights , stock are fine



Yes...you should have spec'd them up front but a retrofit is not worth the cost or the hassle. Spend the money on something else.

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