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New owner of RS 265


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Thanks guys. Decided to go for the white RS to go along with my white MR. Their almost completely different, the Renault feels more like a driver's car - the evo was just amazing especially around the corners, but definitely felt like the electronics and AWD system was doing most of the work with very little input from me.


Definitely keen to track the RS for some spirited driving to compare the differences further - part of the reason I joined the forums to keen updated with any track days/local cruises.

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Welcome, two awesome cars.


Drove a Import 8MR when the came onto the used JDM market, it had a few bits done and to this day is the fastest car I have driven... it was so eager to go fast I didn't think my license could handle the temptation, it could hit its top speed cut on the high way in ramp!

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Welcome aboard mate, great choice. Few Perth events coming up so keep an eye out on the Social Events page. Many OZRS forum members have joined www.frenchandfantastic.com.au club also with a view to do many more track days and Motorsport related events along with displays etc. Be great to see you along. Cheers, Justin

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