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Looooong time lurker finally saying hi!


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I joined up yonks ago as I was leaning towards getting a Clio for my daughter, however she decided she preferred the Pug 206 GTi so got one of those instead.


Next, I was looking for a Megane to replace my Ford Fiesta XR4, but couldn't find a decent one at the right price so I with a Focus XR5 which was an offer too tempting to ignore.


Now I'm looking for a car for my wife to replace her old one which broke a timing belt on the freeway 2 weeks back and completely lunched the engine. Gotta love the unpredictable!


She deserves a decent car and after test driving a few Euro sedans, hatches and coupes I just about have her convinced, after sitting in a Pug 207 GTi, that either a Clio or a Megane of the Sport variety would be better suited.


So the hunt is on - if i ask any stupid questions along the way be sure to taint your answer with a relevant level of sarcasm. :dance:

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