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FPV F6 to a RS265


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Sold the FPV F6 recently and stepped into a 2012 RS265.


Very impressed so far, took it to wakefield park today and was blown away really. The amount of corner speed you can carry is amazing, the way the car behaves and reacts makes it enormous fun to push hard. Recaros are awesome, engine loves to rev, and the brakes held up well.


Loving it!



Uploaded with ImageShack.us


P.S, I only seem to be able to embed one picture at a time here?

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Welcome mate!


Glad to see you're enjoying her properly, both on and off the track :wink:

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Welcome Aviator.


Mine and dads work cars are an FGXR6T Ute and an FG F6310 Ute respectively. Both fun, ripper in the wet to slide the ass out and awesome push you into the seat torque, but when you're up them around corners, they just float!


Thats where the 250 comes in :D


Enjoy the car.



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