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Yet to be a Renault owner - Syd


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Hi all,


Just thought I'd show my face so to speak as I've been lurking around and want to learn about the Clio III.

I'll probably get one around June/July so I'll be keeping an eye on the For Sale section. I came to this decision by reading general reviews, parusing the forums, thinking about running costs and no other car really gets the collective nod like the Clio.


Currently driving an NA 04 Astra with a stereo and handling upgrades. A hatch that handles certainly is a beautiful thing so I'll be looking at the mods you guys have done and hopefully attend a meet so I can see one in the flesh. I've only seen 2 to date which is appealing in itself.





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Welcome mate!


Feel free to come along to a meet to get a better feel for the cars if you like 8)

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Just wondering why I get "You do not have the required permissions to view this the files attached to this post"

Is it a post count thing?


Yep ... I think 50's the number so you'll need a couple more. :)


I also seem to have issues seeing some pics on the PC but then I can see them on Tapatalk.

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It's either a post count thing (for forum attachments) or a Tapatalk thing (for Tapatalk attachments).


PS. Replied to your PM :wink:

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