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Had to join the forum


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Hi guys, Dan McCoey's my name. I run a little workshop in Melbourne called Road Track Rally.


The reason for joining this forum is that we look after a few clio's in a motorsport application, one car in particular being and RS197 it's a Tarmac Rally Car that we work closely with the customer. On many occasions he has mentioned the forum so it was about time I join up. I'm always on the lookout for new information about these cars and I've found forums in the past can be both a fantastic source of good information as well as a lot of mis-information. So expect to see me loitering around the place from time time.


Cheers guys.

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Yeah, we've had a bit of a shift in recent times. Many of our client base that have had cars like Subaru WRX's have moved over to either Renaults or VW's thus we've had to adapt too.


As far as Time Attack goes, m0nty you aren't wrong there, FWD clubsprint class, there wouldn't be much that would get near an RS265. Chassis is brilliant and there is so much potential to be unlocked in the standard car. Sadly though no such plans exist, not unless we have a customer that wants to enter clubsprint for this years time attack. However, we do aim to enter Time Attack again this year and see if we can get 1st position out right on the podium instead of the 3rd we got last year with our Evo X.


As for MOTOR Magazines Hot Tuner Challenge, if we get an invite to that again this year we might have a crack at it with an RS265. We came third last year with our Golf R and with Hot Tuner Challenge rules you arent allowed to enter the same car again, so we'll see how that pans out moving forward.

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Hey there and welcome :D



Pics please :)






That was taken at World Time Attack, we'd never raced on road tyres till the lead up for this race. Previously we'd only ever used R-spec tyres or slicks so we had a steep learning curve on suspension setup with the road tyres. Power was one area that we wern't lacking in as the 430kW at the wheels was enough to break traction of the 295 wide Hankook RS3's


Fun Times!

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Welcome Dan!


I noticed you haven't got any Renaultsport products. Have you considered selling any based off your Rally/Targa development?



Yes, we don't have any products listed per say, so for those who don't know what we have here in stock or what we do here it's hard to know. Truth be told I have't had much time to update our website with RS gear.


As far as developement goes on the 197, brake upgrades, suspension etc. Basically everything that makes a Tarmac Rally car what it is we've had to develop. Personally, for a road car I think progressive rate springs are a good thing, we've been supply and fitting quite a lot of H&R springs with good results on clio's and I'd suggest bang for buck they are a good thing for the customer who wants a nice road car that he/she can take to the track occasionally. We are also a KW dealer, so we can supply and fit KW suspension too. Brakes are another thing we are at one with, we've spent a fair whack of time working out what pad compounds work well in various applications, as well as lines, fluids and rotors.


Pretty much anything for a motorsport application for club level guys is what we cater for. We have an in house mainline AWD dyno, we can setup, scale and an allign cars. We have scales etc, so there isn't much we dont do even if our website doesnt suggest it. Funnily enough we are doing a few 4 point bolt in roll cage installs for a few guys with 172's in the not to distand future, perhaps if the clients dont mind I can post up the final product fitted with seats, harnesses and cage.


I must get on to that website of ours to showcase what do here, I just need more hours in the day. :roll:

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