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Newbie from perth


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G'day all,

Just finished work at Dogswamp shopping center, came out to my car (Renault clio sport 172) to find a card with this website on it stuck under my windscreen wiper. Who ever put that card there I thank you. I have been looking for a forum like this for a long time. And got tired of all the renault forums being based in the UK. This forum has proven to be very useful.

Again, thanks to the person who turned me onto this site.

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Thanks for the kind welcome,

Ive had it for about 1.5 almost 2 years now. Going great, absolutely brilliant little car. As a first car its superb. Small enough that i dont have trouble parking it, has relativly good fuel consumption, depending on how i drive it, and enough grunt to beat most falcons/commodores of the line/to the speed limit. Plus here in perth the cops leave me alone, never been stopped and i get waved through all the booze bus stops :D

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Hi there and welcome from another WA RS'er. It was in fact me who left the card there, great that you managed to find the site! Must be time for a drive day here soon!

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