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hey guys - new Ph 1 owner


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Hey guys - just picked up no.38 - what a great car! Haven't owned a Renault before but Ive had a few older classics before - Alfa's, mercedes, fiats etc. Its great to see a forum like this with so many members and info - much easier than the Alfa Romeo forums :roll: Any other owners in the Sunshine Coast?

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Hey mate, not too many on the Sunshine Coast, but there's plenty in Brisbane. I live in Brisbane during the Uni Semester, then I'm home (Twin Waters) during Uni Holidays and summer. I occasionally see a few 172 Phase 2's and an RS250, but pretty scarce.

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Hey welcome, I,m at Currimundi and i have an Arctic silver Ph 2.I,m sure you will love that wee beastie as much as the rest of us. Would like to catch up for a chat.


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Isn't the phase 1 cable throttle?



Anyways, welcome aboard, i see Graham already said howdy, and yes a few in Brissie/GC area.

All the best, hope to catch you out there one day.



ps: happy to help with OEM if it gets tricky.

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