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Once again we have businesses advertising in our forums


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Well it seems Powerplay imports have found us and are advertising their cars for sale in our forums...


What are your thoughs? personally i dont like it, if they just come here to sell the sh*t and not contribute to the forums i dont like it, if they want to advertise i think they should pay a fee....

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Agreed - ban them.

What I do is email such firms and tell them they will never get an order from me because they are abusing my forum.

If we all did the same then they may think twice next time.


But i have no problem with private people posting their car if they are selling.

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Have a look at a new announcement. If you guys have any suggestions on wording etc for this, please let me know.


hope this helps.


Have also sent powerplay a PM with the same content.



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Well I'm going to play the devil's advocate and say that as long as we aren't being bombarded with items for sale, I don't really mind that much if we get people posting items for sale. Hey, a good car or some parts might come up for sale on the site that could be useful to one of us. A couple of the dealers have been posting vehicles in stock, etc from time to time and I'm happy for them to get on an let us know what's out there. For sure I'd like it if more of these guys contributed to the overall enjoyment of the site for everyone but the reality is that for whatever reason this isn't always going to happen.

As for paid advertising & general site costs, well from my perspective its disappointing that many people here haven't put their hand up (and their cash down) for a sticker to help with site costs - especially considering how much some of us use the site - and I'm assuming that this is because regular users enjoy spending time on it. The site isn't going to shut down tomorrow due to lack of funds but I still find it strange that people don't want to support and promote something that they obviously get a lot out of. Maybe it's me who's strange??? I personally really don't want to go down the route of many forums where you have to pay to be a member and have full access to the various sections of the site. That sort of thing shouldn't be necessary. I think that I'm right in saying that PaulD and the admins are unanimous in wanting to keep this forum something that is free to all. That's my 2c worth anyway. Have a nice day 8) .

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