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Newbie Yet Oldie Lol Clio Sport 172


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Welcome Peter!


Wow, $5K buys some serious mods. How does the car feel now compared to stock?


Also, did you get lightweight door inserts by any chance? I'd like to see them in person before considering them for my track car.


Pics when you get a chance :)

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Welcome mate.


Keen to see some pics and more details of what you've done with her 8)

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Welcome to the community!


As above (and probably below), pictures when you can please. :) We're a bunch of perves when it comes to the cars :oops:


Hope your time with us is like a good mountain run: smooth roads but with enough twists to keep it interesting.

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My Lil Clio 02 172 had 160klms on it when i bought it, Now 180klms lol had to drive 2.5hrs to work every day 6 days for 3months of its ownership to me so far.


The Original owner serviced regularly more than the recommened with basic oils filters but unless the part broke the old owner never replaced it not a car enthuisest (if thats spelt right) . Have all service records for car purchased and serviced at waitara.


2 owner car although 2nd owner panicked when the car was missing and he only drove 1200klms and had for 6months so he never really owned it lol.

Ended up being something with either the plugs leads or coil so i just ebayed all three bad i know but that was first afternoon.


I have just recently changed to Coilovers the Raceland Cheap one although not bad not bumpy others will argue lol.

I changed all the bushes purple ones for the whisbone,sway bar and dogbone, I also changed the standard upper top mounts/bushes with ktec solid ones, Lower gearbox mount just as a refresh, Upper solid ktec gearbox mount (standard was broken), New inner and outer tie-rod ends, new steering rack boots replaced both(1 was cracked), New ball joints again just to freshen up also.

I Replaced all bolts with hardened new bolts where they got lost which was a pain lol

I also re-greased all bearings/locktite etc, and re-cleaned everything just to be picky



Heaps of things like new tyres etc can say each bit but heaps of normal things that where neglected or scracthed.

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Hi Peter,

Welcome aboard.

Looking forward to the pics.

Would have been happy to help you import the KTEC bits, as it is cheaper through me generally to do so.

But the end result is what matters...so consider me at the edge of my seat.



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