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Hi guys been here a while thought id say Hi


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Hey guys been a member for a while now and never introduced myself better late than never lol , My names Annuar im from Sydney bought my self a clio sport 172 ph 2 iceberg last year around July and loving it apart from some lil things its an awsome car , done mostly suspension mods such as eibachs koni yellow whiteline swaybar and camber bolts , also came with a custom exhaust not loud fairly quiet with a slight burbul at low revs and added a pipercross panel filter , its a great car for the money except when it gives you the odd problem lol hopefully catch a meet one day its a great Forum and an awsome community picked up heaps of good hints and tips cheers

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Choose the IMG code on photobucket (and stick them in one post to save space) and it'll show up in your post properly 8)


PS. I like what you've done with her. She'd handle on rails now :mrgreen:

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Hey Wolf yer will definately look into them theres a couple of tyres and brands i read good things about hopefully can fall on some good ones with a decent price tag lol this forums helped me heaps info wise so im sure ill make the right choice thanks again to all :wink:

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