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New RS 250 owner checking in


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Hi all! I've just bought a Blue RS 250 Trophee (with all the options) and am impatiently waiting for Monday, when I get to take it home finally.


Its going to be my daily driver, so hopefully it won't cost me too much to run :shock: some of the $ figures I've seen thrown around the various threads are humbling. I guess I'm here to get support and provide support via other RS 250 owners and people who know their Renaults.


Anyway, great to be onboard.


p.s. I'm in Sydney


Oh and I see a yellow RS 200 parked in Botany near where I work all the time, particularly when I have to catch a bus on Botany road, is that someone here?

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Welcome! Congrats! Pics when you can.


Re: running costs - tyres seem to be the main one on RS250s. Regular rotation (perhaps more regular than on other cars) should squeeze a few more kms out of them, but I guess that's the price you pay for the combination of amazing grip AND huge wheels.


Enjoy 8)

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Welcome indeed.


Running costs should be fine, but if you're worried, I'd get the alignment checked when you get it to make sure you won't chew tyres unexpectedly.


Private servicing is also an option, have a look for a bloke called Paul V :wink:

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Welcome aboard. Great car, you'll definitely be happy with it. Don't worry about the running costs, their could be worse. The tyres are probably the most expensive thing but not so bad s long as you regularly rotate them to keep them honest. A lot of the guys change oil at 1000km's for early start performance maintenance other than that just respect the vehicle.

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Welcome! Excellent choice of colour (not at all biased :P ).


As others have said, watch out for tyre wear. As for servicing (at least in VIC) it can be done for a pretty reasonable cost given the nature of the vehicle. Specialist mechanics will always give you that more personal touch so (definitely) consider them if the dealers in Sydney aren't treating you nicely.

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