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hi all :)


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hi everyone. i just got myself a ph2 172. what a cool little car.

im doing some pretty major work to my r32gtr. (infinity vq35hr awd conversion)


so, ive already done some work, put on our dyno at work and it made 91kw... abit low i think. so let the modding begin. cheers.


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Howdy Dave, and welcome.


Given the Clio are already fairly well set from the factory ( have you had a look at the exhaust manifold?) you can actually go backwards with mods that produce easy gains in other cars. Have a read up on the RSTuner. I think it's the best value mod around :wink:

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Welcome mate. Pics of both cars please!


I wouldn't be too worried about that dyno result - we've seen numbers from 90-105kw @ the wheels for a stock RSC.


Don't fit a different airbox (unless it's a V6 or ITG Maxogen), fit an exhaust for some noise and get an RSTuner for some extra midrange grunt.


Refresh the suspension if she's got a few kms under her belt and a nice set of 16" wheels always help 8)



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yeah, nice ex manifold. it has a "power chip" badge on the ecu. had a average pipercross foam panel filter. ive port matched the upper manifold to the lower, and put in a normal paper air filter. il put it on the dyno tomorrow and see if it did anything :)

great website.


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Hi Dave, and welcome aboard.

Does it have the log books to say if it was done by time or date. Acc Belt kit and harmonic balancers mentioned?

Either way, feel free to drop me an email for any required parts. I'm more often than not, cheaper than local retails and trade.



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