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Bonjour from Adelaide


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Hi Everyone,


Better late than never.


My RS250 was acquired in December 2010 and was the first one registered in South Australia. Now, almost one year on, it's done less than 5000km. Attribute that to weekend use only and the proximity of the Adelaide Hills - you don't have to travel far to blow out the cobwebs.


It's also had runs at Collingrove hillclimb and Mallala racetrack - more fun than a barrel of monkeys with the traction control switched off.


There are pictures but I'm not sure how to insert them. Instructions please.


Looking forward to learning more and meeting some other RS250 owners, particularly in Adelaide.

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Welcome LechatBleu.


Im from Adelaide also. Look out for a potential group booking amongst the Adelaide mob for a track day meet. Its a possibility in the near future if we can get enough interest. There are a few Adelaide members here, and a few clued up ones on the Renault Sports. But they are usually pretty quiet and tune in for the technical stuff.


Im the monkey with no traction control :wink:



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Welcome to our first SA RS250 :)


Think I have seen your car on Greenhill rd before, very nice.


We used to meet fairly often at Cudlee Creek for a Sunday herb, maybe it's time for another blat soon.


See you around.


RS225 Cup. RS172 Cup.

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Definitely need to organise another of the SA drive days. Back in the day when I had my RSC172 they were a h00t!


Remember doing the Euro drive day a few years back, and then my final one in the Fiesta once the Clio was sold, which required a fair amount of on-the-limit driving to keep up.


Now that I've got the RSM I'm itching to get back into it again.

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G' day, Bonjour from Adelaide


My name is Adrian, the guy BenG from Vic met at Eurofest.

Am also new to OzRENAULT and am also itching to scratch with other RS250 owners.

Should organise a weekend meeting spot for some fun in the hills sometime!

Has anybody modded their RS250 in Adelaide? I've fitted a 3" cat back system and am

keen on finding an induction kit to compliment the extra perfomance gains.

How come I can't find a dedicated Renault car club here, for enthusiasts like on this forum to

socialise and swap notes, etc.... would be great!

Any way, just some thoughts.

See you in the twisty bits.....


White RS250 cup ,3" stainless Jun Bl exhaust..

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HI Jeffie,

Jun Bl is a brand of muffler box made in Korea, stainless and superbly made. Exhaust Technology, a firm here in

Adelaide hand fabricated my 3" system useing a magna flow resonator and the Jun Bl box at the rear. Sounds

awesome! I now need to improve the induction to get a few more kw's out of this magic engine and I will be in heaven!

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Welcome gents! Great to see some new owners popping up in Adelaide.


+1. Welcome! Pics, please 8)

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