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Newbie here looking to buy


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Hi its Mick From Sydney here...


im a forum newbie but a freind of mine suggested i join..


im currently looking at purchasing a 05 Megane II X84 Dynamique Lx but im abit iffy as it would be my first european car and a few people have given me bad feedback on them but mostly just the old "nah 2 much for parts" or "nah 2 hard to find", or the "nah 2 hard to work on" things that i expected....


So i thought ide come on here and ask a few of you guys what you think about it...


Its a 2005 model, 4 speed sports auto, 105,000 KM's 4 door hatch with full moon roof

im looking at using it, for a everyday driver and driving from the city to Liverpool everyday....

few things ide like to know if u could help guys are


How much (approx) would a stanadard service set me back ??

do you find your Renault reliable for everyday use ???

Are parts as hard to come across as they say??


i know you are all Renault enthusiasts but, any help would be nice guys

look forward to chatting with you all..


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Howdy Mick


Not a lot of knowledge of the non-sport stuff here, as suggested above.


That said, maintenance is key - Renaults can get fussy if they're not treated right. Make sure it's got a service history, and is discounted appropriately if not. The non-sport Megane (In my opinion) are a bit tardy, but that could just be my turbo talking. :)


Welcome, and enjoy whatever choice you make.

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Hi Mick,

As above, serivce is key. Not AS expensive as many think, but can get up there on Major services. Not Alfa Romeo country though - they be nuts.

Window regulators seem to be the common fault on All Meganes thus far, regardless if Sport or not.

Don't get me wrong, they wont all fail, but just a common complaint. Especially if you source the part locally at around $800-900.

Parts like the above and others are easy to source from myself and other overseas sellers. Get what you pay for on most occasions.

I stick with genuine where possible.

Anyways, all the best to you and say hello to those Aussie frogs for me.



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Thanks for all the replies guys, i changed my mind and just purchased a 02 172 Clio Sport pick it up 2mororow


look forward to chatting with u all in the future... might put some pics up 2mozz

Wow! Nice turnaround! Sure you'll be more than happy with the change of direction! Welcome once again and looking forward to having you on the ozRS crew.

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