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Newbie with a 182


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Hey guys,


Been lurking on here for a month or so and figured that i should introduce myself now that ive gone and purchased myself a clio.


I'd been looking for a new car for a while and slowly convincing myself down on the car size (started off looking at Subaru outbacks!). Was pretty set on a Alfa 147 GTA for a while until i realized what sort of silly amounts of money it takes to run (living in Sydney). Fortunately a mate ("Exileded" on here) bought a 172 that i was able to drive for a few days. At which point i gave out and went hunting for my own little fun beast. Which lead me to my 05 182!:






Sorry, some of the photo's are a little dark. New camera, still need to figure some settings out.


Loving the car so far, had to actually read the manual after accidentally turning off the auto light sensors. First I've done with any car. Have already gone up the bells line of road and it was scary fast. love the grip, just keeps on sticking!


First thing to do though is upgrade the speakers. way to harsh in the highs and to muffled in the base.



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thanks for the replies guys!


Really looking forward to getting the car on a track day and skid pan to see what its really got.


And photographing at sunset brings out all the dirt on the car. I have to get some serious cleaning products before i risk screwing up the paint on the car. Then i'll get some sunset shots! :wink:

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Welcome mate! Nice pick up. A few of us are going for a drive tomorrow night up North, check the social section under "Short Notice Drive Thread".



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