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Greetings from Melbourne


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Renault Newbie here. Looking at getting a 197 or 200 shortly so thought I'd look around here for some advice.

I haven't had a Renault since my trusty 1982 Black and gold 2.0GTX was sold to make way for a Peugeot 309 GTi in Uk in 1988.

I've had a fair few cars since then (65 to date) but mostly VW Golfs, Audi S models and BMW M models. All of them second hand and appropriately priced!

My current daily driver is a rare 1993 Kingfisher Audi S2 that I've owned since 2003. (I sold it to a friend in late 2005, then bought it back in early 2007!) :shock:


Anyway, I am looking for a fun daily driver that will enable me to put the S2 back to week-end duties.

I test drove a stealership 197 with moonroof last week and was very impressed!

Wondering whether the 200 variant is worth the extra circa $8k?


Cheers in advance


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Hi guys

Thanks for the welcomes! Yes the S2 does go to hospital at Audvolks. Not many I trust with her to be honest!


The 309Gti was a 3 door hatchback and essentially a boxier version of the 306. It shared the same mechanicals as the little brother 205 1.9 GTi. The 309 was definitely more stable at speed than my mates 205 and I loved it!

I've also owned 3 x 405 Mi16's so I obviously love the free revving nature of the 1905cc engine in both 8 and 16V forms.


I'm still looking for a Clio 197 or 200 for under $30k too




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