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Members AWOL


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Browsing some older threads got me wondering where some of our previously quite active members have disappeared to.


Da\/e and Mase are two who don't seem to be around anymore.


Anyone know if these guys are ok, or maybe curious about other 'missing' members?

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Da\/e popped up in the thread about Clio v6 at CTS a couple of weeks back.

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  • 3 months later...

DA\/E here. I'm all good. It's been a while though, and I can't even remember my login code.


Nice to see someone was thinking of me !!


As Dish said, I see him a bit on F/B. Just a few changes in priorities for me, and haven't had time to visit the Forum. I hope all is well for all on the OzRS scene.


Cheers - DA\/E. :)

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