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Another WA Newbie

The Kop

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Hello Fellow Forumites,


Just thought I'd introduce myself and give a little history..

Have been lurking for a couple of weeks and have just taken delivery of a Luna Grey RS250 Cup Trophee.

First Renault (Although it's my second French hot hatch)..Mightily impressed so far. Even after only half a day of ownership.


My car history includes in the following order...


1993 Toyota Corolla Seca Csi - Done the job...

1990 Toyota Celica GT-Four ST185 - Brilliant car but very heavy and expensive to maintain ie. keep on the road...Loved it though

2004 Peugeot 206 Gti180 - Loved everything about the car apart from the fact that my mate had a Clio 182 that was better. Although not in the aesthetics department....Traded it in solely because I kept dislocating my shoulder during footy (real footy) and could never get home/to the hospital after doing it because it was a manual...

2007 MY08 VW MkV Golf GTI DSG- Brilliantly practical family car that I loved..My favourite until now...Traded in for a bigger family car (biggest mistake of my life) as I split up with the wife shortly afterwards.

2006 Land Rover Discovery 3 SE 4.0 - Brilliant 4wd. Just not me...Owned for a total of 5 months and have just traded for the new love of my life..

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Welcome aboard...and very pick up.

Pictures are always welcome, and some just live for them.

Enjoy, see you aorund the forum and you have my envy.

Cheers kopite,


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Hi Kop,


Welcome from another fellow RS250 owner also in Luna Grey! I think I remember you from Aussiefrogs when you had your 180? Great to see you back in the fold. Is that the one that was at Henleys?


Hamish (Pucker) definitely time for a catch up. The York Car Show is coming up, perhaps a drive out there for that?





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Aaaah, that was most likely me, was around there around midday and from 3pm onwards. Hopefully we see a LOT more RS's soon :)

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Yep that was me on AussieFrogs Justin...And yeah I got the one that was at Henleys..It was deffo meant to be because I was after a Trophee in Luna and no other options and they had one in stock...

Seen a Luna Cup parked near me a couple of days ago in the WACA carpark..Anyone's on here? There is a Black Golf R that is always parked in that carpark and I always try and park next to it so they can see what they're missing out on..haha.

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