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hi from another noob


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Hi all,

After about 6 months of reading the forum and searching, I'm finally the owner of a Titanium Clio 182 Cup. I ended up buying it in Melbourne and driving it back to sydney and it's now tucked away sporting it's new nsw plates.


I'm looking forward to spending some time back behind the wheel of something small and french, and sharing some knowledge on the forums.

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Welcome oobers! You might need to update your location on the right-hand side :wink:


Pics of the little beast when you're ready 8)

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Heheh...was going to say, did NSW steal Toowoomba?!

Anyways, welcome. Got one of my dream cars... and yep pics and stats please.

Look after her, service her very well, and simply enjoy.



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To resolve the confusion, I'm in the process of a move from Toowoomba to Sydney. Unfortunately the Clio wont experience the crisp mountain air in these parts. Im sure i can find some not too far from sydney though, with the tarmac to match of course...


Its an 05 Cup, pretty much stock standard and 55ks (plus a few more now after the trip back to sydney)



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