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Hello people of Renault


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Hello, I'm sure you'll find us an interesting lot :)


Enjoy your Clio, they are a great car!

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Welcome aboard.

The usual questions we firstly ask as follows:

- pics (or ban) :)

- details of car (stock or modding - colour etc)

- your location, even if just State.

You be driving a 197, correct? ...that's on my next car short list consisting of onyl 3 cars. :wink:

Cheers and treat her well,


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1. Pics are coming!

2. He is a stock, 2008, black, Clio 197 RS, 350kms - looks and feels brand new... only addition so far is Parrot bluetooth, MKi9100. Would like to tint the glass, or at least get some UV protection film... and I would like to MAYBE get the rims painted/powder coated. I would also like to find some angel eyes head lights. I in terms of tuning, I haven't given it much thought.

3. Inner city Melbourne!


Hi Wolf, I have noticed you are the go to man for parts... I may be in touch soon.


Everyone else... any suggestions/threads relating to the above? Thanks!

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You're welcome to all the above EXCEPT the angel eyes. They're crap and ricey and will ruin your car.


Get some projector fittings by all means (ask Wolf) but please don't fit angel eyes... please



Oh, and welcome! :D

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I don't mind the Angel eyes...but then, i like rice. Hang around to many filos i guess.

Anyways, can source you OEM projectors (not HID, not worth it, get Phlips HIDs and add them)


Can source you the Angel eyes.

...and anything else you may need down the track.

Mmmmm..black. Very neat pics.



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