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Howdy benwah


welcome to the site. I thoroughly recommend reading through the Megane II tech section to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of ownership :)


Happy hunting!

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Hi Ben,

I kidd you not...make sure they ALL work.

Press every button and especially the windows... as a part supplier, regulators have come to my attention quite a bit. Should wind up in the same amount of time with no squeaks or struggles.

Check washers.

Best of luck with it and hope to see you around here.



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To quote Homer:


Windows go up, windows go down, windows go up, windows go down. MMMMM electric, one push, Ohhhhhhh


Only electric gremlin I have had is a weak earth in the rear tail lamps.


Renault have solid earth points to connect the lights to, but only use fuse wire?


Old school fix, 10Amp Wire, two connectors a self tapper, discrete running of the new wire and problem solved.


Yes a very good buy and I will no doubt regret the departure from my life.





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  • 1 year later...

Welcome mate.


Judging by your posts elsewhere you bought the Megane. Enjoying it?

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