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RS 182 in Melb


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Hi all,


Firstly, thanks to the guy/gal who put the OzRenaultSports card under the windscreen wiper in my work car park last week - had no idea this existed.


Have had my 182 for a few months now, it 'spoke' to me on the brief test drive I did, bought it straight up. Having had a 205GTI for 10 years prior, I could see straight away I was on a winner - and the aircon actually works! Lovely car, razor handling (thanks partly to the torsion struts?), not as lumpy as my old tricked-up 205 but growls nicely when needed.


Quick question to those in the know - why does my 'Distance to Refuel' part of the trip meter always show flashing dashed lines? Cannot get it to work for the life of me... No biggie, but it would be nice to rectify.

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Distance to refuel will show _ _ when it is in the low section (painful as this is when you need it but also im assuming when it cant get a 100% accurate reading)


Otherwise i havent heard if it before. Maybe try the inbuild dianostics and see what happens. Hold the odo button on the end of the stalk in when the car is off and then turn the ignition to on. then see if there are any faults listed?




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Hi and welcome!


When I first picked up our 182 at 2.5yo in 2008, the previous owner also said he suffered the same issue with the distance to empty. It somehow miraculously started working again after a few weeks of me driving it - dunno how, but it hasn't played up since 8) Perhaps yours might do the same!


Cheers, Dish.

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Welcome aboard, and agree, try the odometer button test thing.

Must say, with the 3 RSCs i had, not one gave me that issue nor the air cond thing.

So stay on top of any issues as they happen and she may reward you well.



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I believe that was me whom left the card.


Thanks Luke - been meaning to reply to your PM, can't seem to send PM's of my own... In answer to your question - JQ, A320 checkie (hence I'm only infrequently in the car park). Have noted your black 182 Cup 'tho - nice. I call the car 'Burnt Orange' because 'JQ orange' would be too painful to bear! (Hey, it is different tho!)


Thanks for suggestions re the trip meter issue, have tried the odo button stalk thing - it goes repeatedly thru some kind of test sequence, shows no faults but the problem remains... Otherwise, no issues with the car. Just gotta get out & about on some fun roads!

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