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Hey im living i Sydney city, im from ireland, iv had a clio 172 p1 and stil hav a renault 5 GT turbo at home.

Im thinkin bout buying a ph 2 172 this weekend so i said id join up!! :)

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Welcome Eire! Where abouts in Sydney are you based?


A few people are coming out to watch some twilight track day action next Wednesday so you should come along and meet the forum regulars!


Good luck with the car hunt 8)

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Cork in ireland, ill get some pics up of the motors iv had


Clio williams

172 p1

Numerious 5 turbos upsest really


I would but the shipage woulf b crazey i will in time,


Whats happening wensday at all and where??


Redfern ( i no, i no ) :D

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Welcome aboard.

Mine's pretty much gone, but there's another for sale on here with 60oookms and asking 10k.

Which in THIS country is a pretty good start indeed.

No to rub it in, but it would not have that much to transport... moreso the redtape to go through to get it on the road.



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