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Just bought 2001 Clio 172


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Hey all. totally newbie here. Just bought a 2001 Clio sport. Was wondering where around eastern suburbs of melbourne there was a quality independant service specialist as Im not real keen on taking a 180,000km european to a dealer! Also getting the aircon looked at next week as it doesnt work. Im hoping its only a re-gass (am i kidding myself???). Is the A/C a known issue on these? Anyone have an idea what I'm up for??? Anyway Im stoked with the purchase cos i got it for a song ($6K) and apart from the A/C its immaculate for its age, and its country kms bely the odometer reading. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards,


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Welcome aboard. Seems your query is covered, so off to a good start.

Hope it all goes well, and feel free to post some pics as well as any more info on yourself.

- plans of mods?

- intent to track her?

- etc etc



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Welcome :)


When you say 2001, is that one of the earlier PhI models (rounded off headlights, completely red taillight clusters, 6 twin-spoke OZ alloy wheels, 1 of 85 in Australia) or the PhII? (triangular headlights, 5 spoke alloys + other detail changes and creature comforts).


The A/C issue: if it's not the gas at fault, it may also be caused by a servo that fails to rotate, thus blowing hot air only. I wouldn't say it's a common fault, but it isn't unheard of... can be fixed cheaply if it isn't too advanced. Plenty of info about that in the Tech sections.


Cheers, Dish.

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Hello there

I got rattled reading your post because your story is mine.Just bought 180,000 km 2001 for $6100 and A/C not working!! SPOOKY. :shock:

Really stoked with car and am getting parts together for big service as well.

I'm in central (flooded) Qld so have got 1000km trip[ to service when I can get through.


Hope you have many adventurous miles in the little beast

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Hey guys, thanks for the help. And 'Dish' its a PhII with the rounded headlights etc.. I'll give Alpine a bell to book in a service. Prob best to get the timing belt done at 180k to be sure.

Hey Darren, welcome mate. PhII has triangular headlights :idea: So you have Phase 1? 15" Oz F1 Cup rims? etc, etc.

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Howdy rhibbo.


Hope your situation clears soon, and minimal disruption is caused to you and your circle!


Thanks for good wishes.

I'll need to get to Brissy to learn to drive the little bugger properly!


Too many years in "family" cars I've lost my "balls"!!

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