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Switch to Twitter for sightings posts?


Switch to using Twitter for sightings posts? Lock the forum?  

  1. 1. Switch to using Twitter for sightings posts? Lock the forum?

    • Switch to twitter, and lock the forums
    • Switch to twitter, but don't lock the forums
    • No - keep using the forums

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Hi all,


I often forget to post sightings of RS vehicles, awful number plates, and drool or vomit inducing machines. If this was all done via Twitter, I could post my sightings much more easily, and see updates in real time from other OZRS mmbers too. And it should all be published in each sighting topic on the forum so newbies know to use it.


It's easier to include a photo too, if you've got an iPhone and use Echofon as your Twitter app. Sightings posts are always better with photos. :)


And if the vast majority say yes, I think we should lock the sightings topics on the forum.



All posts should begin with the #ozrs tag, followed by a tag to identify the type of sighting: vic, nsw, qld, tas, sa for sightings of RenaultSport vehicles, plate for wanker number plates, drool and vomit for sightings of those types of vehicles.


For a sighting in VIC, just use the #VIC tag coz it's quicker to type on your phone:

#ozrs #vic Just saw a BO RSMC with black wheels on the Monash near Toorak Rd http://twitpic.com/2vkyzj


For a wanker number plate, use #Plate

#ozrs #plate I saw DZ1RED on a red Holden ute with chromies in Narre Warren this morning http://twitpic.com/2vkyzj


For sightings of Drool Inducing Machines, use #Drool

#ozrs #drool Ferrari California on Punt Rd, Richmond. http://twitpic.com/2vkyzj


For sightings of Vomit Inducing Machines, use #Vomit

@#ozrs #vomit Porsche Panamera on Chapel St, South Yarra. http://twitpic.com/2vkyzj


So what do you say folks? Switch to Twitter for sightings posts?

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Come on people! Embrace the technology of the future. Twitter is the way forward - not archaic php forums.

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Might move this to the Feeback section and see what entails...


Who reads the feedback section?


P.S. 11 votes? Not many people seem to care about sightings. :(

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I noticed more 'hits' and votes since it moved here!


Interesting. It still appears in the Off-Topic section. Clever stuff.

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