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New RSC 172 owner [SYD]


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Hi all,


I've been a RSC owner since April and thought I'll write up a quick intro.


Andrew [Yellow Megane R26 F1] is a workmate of mine and he's the one who got me onto the Clio.

After a test drive, I knew it was the right car for me as a fun daily driver.

It ticked all the critierias I had. I was considering a Mazda 3 or something similar. So glad I didnt. :wink:


I bought my blue 2002 RSC after looking at about 1/2 dozen RSC's.

It's pretty much stock except for a new rear muffler as the stock muffler had a hole in it [rusted], and had to be replaced for rego. Personally, I'd prefer the stock exhaust as the replacement drones at certain rpms. : \


The thing I love the most is the engine and the handling. It's such a torquey motor and the short wheelbase and suspension allows for sublime handling. It's like a motorbike with 4 wheels.


Things I'd like to change/fix on my car:


- The height of the accel. pedal. I want to raise it higher for better heel-toeing.

- Steering wheel positioning can be better. Some tight turns are a bit awkward.

- Need to sort out a few rattles in the cabin [esp. from the plastic cover on the hatch].


Apart from that it's all good. :D

[pix to follow on the weekend]

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Things I'd like to change/fix on my car:


- The height of the accel. pedal. I want to raise it higher for better heel-toeing.

[pix to follow on the weekend]


I'd like to do that too.. I've had an idea for a while now on a small adjustment, will post if/when I try it out. I find I have to brake quite hard to get a good heel-toe.......


Could also take a look at removing seat spacers, drops the driver seat about 10mm, supposed to be easy but I haven't tried that yet. Would have been great for Monday's track day up here since my helmet barely fitted in under the roof!



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Welcome Pocky! Another one to the dark side 8)


Seats can be dropped a lil' if you remove the plastic spacer and replace with a single flat washer (to retain movement). Cooper knows how to do this!


I have no issue with hee-toeing but some people have commented that both my Clios brakes feel really good (both have braided lines and uprated Neo fluid) - maybe that would help?


Catch you at a meet soon :wink:

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Welcome welcome...

Always glad to see another in the RS fold, especially when it's a fellow Clio.

Interesting comments about the exhaust, and agree to having stock over drone.

I've removed the resonator, but left the stock muffler and it helped a little in that it gives it (an even more) throaty sound when reving high, but no drone what so ever at any time.

Have a look around here, maybe put something in the wanted section if you'd prefer the stock.

I think you should have some luck there.



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Oh yea, I did notice a card on the windscreen wiper blade as it wiped off the rain last week...

When I removed the card, the felt tip pen writing was all smudged, LOL.


Thanks anyways.

I've seen a Yellow R26 drive by near our office a few times.

Thought it was Andrew's, but his is parked.

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I too own a 172! great little cars!!! Hope to see you at a meet soon enough!!



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Update (late September):


- The replacement exhaust muffler has "bedded in" (with carbon I presume) and it sounds great now.

It's not as "hallow & tinny" as before. :D


- Fixed up the rattle from the hatch plastic cover. The OEM foam on the inside of the hatch cover has disintegrated with time. I bought some "Weather-shield" from SuperCheap (ie: single-sided foam strip). Remove the old, stuck on the new, and it's quiet again, no more rattles. :D


I'm driving it 7 days a week and loving it. :D


- Putting in some ELF 5-40W oil this weekend as part of the "A" service.

The previous owner/mechanic had used Castrol Synthetic and from what I can see from the dipstick, it's a good oil and have performed flawlessly since I've owned it. Interesting to see if the ELF oil will yield different results (if any).

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As far as oil goes, my mechanic (Alpine Motors in Canberra) says he used to use Elf oils in the Renaults but it wasn't giving good results so he stopped.

I made him put fully synthetic in mine (the under bonnet area gets scorching hot if you have some fun in summer) at each of the oil changes so far - at the last one he actually had it in stock because he's using it in other cars now too.

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I thought someone would ask that.

I wasn't too worried about which one so I didn't ask and he didn't tell.


Castrol might like to say "oils ain't oils" but for street use I am sure "synthetics are synthetics".


When I was racing, Redline synthetic performed miracles (especially their gearbox oils). But that is overkill in a street car.

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Update: 1st of October 2010


After a week of driving to work and on the weekend, I cant say there's a noticeable difference b/t the Castrol & the ELF synthetic oil.


What I found is that the ambient temperature made a bigger difference than a change of oil.

It's been cooler in the mornings in Sydney over the last few days and I've noticed the engine is perkier and would spin the wheels more easily when I take off. :D

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