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Hi from New RS Clio owner


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Hi all,


Just thought I'd make my first forum post after enjoying the read for the past couple of months.


Bought my Phase2 Clio 172 around the start of Feb after the lease ran out on my Focus XR5. I must admit the main reason I did not keep the XR5 and changed over to the Clio was money - buying out the XR5 was going to cost $24K and the Clio only set me back $7K. The thing that has had me smiling the most though is that the Clio is almost as quick (if not as quick), handles better and drinks way less fuel than the Focus.


I have driven a fairly broad array of cars in the past including a couple of old Mazda's as my first couple of cars, numerous Commodore company cars (grrrr hate em), Rover P6B 3500 and 1st Gen Integra. The Clio is a very different drive to most of these but very fun and rewarding so I think it may be a keeper (at least for a few years).


As for the forum, I must say I have benefited well from it so far. During the last couple of months I have:


- had the car's belts (amongst other stuff) done by Paul V (great mechanic)

- fixed a starting problem due to the TDC sensor connector

- replaced my Speedo sensor

- done a service, sourcing the square drive sump plug remover


all with information and recommendations from the forum. These and all the other bits of info have made it extremely worthwhile.


Anyway thanks all for the info so far and heres to more driving pleasure. Cheers

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Welcome! Congrats on the purchase. They are a great little package eh?


I'm really chuffed that you've found our ramblings of such help! Thanks for the feedback - it's much appreciated :)


Happy motoring!

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Welcome and congrats on your Clio, fell inlove with mine after the first drive, just so different and great :D

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