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new 182 cup on the block


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hay guys, im new to the forum with my 2005 renault clio 182 cup. i bought it a few months ago.


since then ive bought a k&n apollo and only last week got a custom cat back exuast. my next mod was going to a reflash from peakrpm in parramatta sydney but ive been advised to go with the rs tuner which is ALOT cheaper.


after seeing pics of the rstuner and air/oil guages ive fallen inlove and am mega keen on geting that set together.


and also, how the hell do i upload pics. and make an avatar.


im hoping to meet up with a fellow clio owner with an rs tuner to run my through before i buy one.


laters dudes

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Hi and welcome aboard.

Look forward to pics and stats on your car...especially interested in the direction you went with in regards to the exhaust.

What other mods do you plan on doing later down the road, if any?



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Welcome to the community :)


you'll get far more value from an rstuner over just a remap, as you can pretty much take the lid off your ECU and have a look at what it's seeing.


Hope your time here is long and fruitful.

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welcome tuf,


where did you get your custom exhaust? I'd to see some photos.




i got it from liverpool exaust. got it for $600 i was going to get a miltek from peakrpm in parramatta but they wanted $1150 plus instalation. im just geting a lil more cash so i can get a hi flow cat. i was quoted 330 again from liverpool exaust but i will shop around and try save money. i am very keen on that rs tuner and guages that ive seen in mase's pics. so if anyone has info please let me know. and also in regards to what other mods...... well im definetly going to respray the wheels matt black and i wanted to lower the car but dont want to spend to much cash so i just decided i was going to ruin it if i spend under 500 on springs. im very keen on a dyno and taking it to the drag way before i get the hi flow and rstuner. i would get cams and other engine mods if i knew where and for aresonable price. pics will come as soon as i learn how, lol. thanks guys

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Will PM you some details on mods over the weekend.


As for lowered springs you can get Eibach sportlines or HR through ClioF1 on the forum.

Otherwise some UK stockists such as Demon Tweeks are worth a gander.


Happy hunting


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Welcome aboard, don't forget to have a look at the tyres your runnning as they make a massive difference there is a seperate forum.



Sometimes previous owners put cheapies on & it destroys the handling, might be worth going on a few sydney drive days and talking to the boys and going for a spin with them. Have a look under social events tab on the main page.


Good choice mate. 182CUP's are best fun you can have with your pants on.

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