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Introducing Madeleine!


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Hi All,


Just like to say hi as a new member of the forum. Recently purchased an '05 RS Megane 225 Cup (Madeleine).


I'm based down in Wollongong, so definitely keen on any cruises that are coming down this way - I've taken her up and down both Mt Keira and Macquarie Pass and it's a hoot!


Upgrading from a grey import Toyota MR2 Turbo w/ fully adjustable suspension so having to relearn how to drive an FF car.


Looking forward to meeting you all!









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Welcome aboard Madeleine!. :)

I'm Wollongong based as well, sure to see you around, as there are only a few on the mean streest of the Gong.

Drive through Nation on the 11th of April if your up for it

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Welcome Blake!


Catch you on a twisty southern road soon eh :wink:

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Cheers guys!


Walkie - Are you down the South Coast way?


Repas & Griffyn - the colour is fantastic isn't it! I thought it looked good in photos, but they look so much better in the flesh, especially when they're in the sun.


Blue182 - What's the nationals on 11/4 involve?

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welcome welcome.


Mt Keira is alot of fun. Especially at night. :D


Keen to see you on some social events


I'm jealous of your purchase - RS's are the most fun you can have in an FF


Read up on the forum - there's lots to learn on here and on cliosport.net (UK based renault forum, which is also great as a resource of knowledge)

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Hi BPRS225 , the 11/4 is a drive day, not nationals. I'm planning to have a drive through Natio, up and down some mountain passes and go to the Huntley HIll climb.

For those who don't know, it's a short timed race of a variety of classes and cars, from open wheelers to old Dato 1600 and modified Lotus'es.

Hope to see you with Madeleine to chew the fat.

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