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  1. Have you looked at any of the R27's mate? Carsales has them with less than 10,000km for between $27k and $29k....best color, recaro's - 3hp less...
  2. Hope to see you around here soon Benwah! Where abouts are you from?
  3. If you were to get a Meggie, you're definite not going to blend in like a lot of the other cars are, or thought of as the 'base' model (colour depending, of course)
  4. Great photo's mate! Where abouts did you take them - up in the northern suburbs somewhere?
  5. I've got the bug of just wanting to drive all the time - and learning quickly about Meg's ability to spin the wheels, pretty much whenever she wants to! I don't mind it when she misbehaves!
  6. Cheers guys! Walkie - Are you down the South Coast way? Repas & Griffyn - the colour is fantastic isn't it! I thought it looked good in photos, but they look so much better in the flesh, especially when they're in the sun. Blue182 - What's the nationals on 11/4 involve?
  7. Hi All, Just like to say hi as a new member of the forum. Recently purchased an '05 RS Megane 225 Cup (Madeleine). I'm based down in Wollongong, so definitely keen on any cruises that are coming down this way - I've taken her up and down both Mt Keira and Macquarie Pass and it's a hoot! Upgrading from a grey import Toyota MR2 Turbo w/ fully adjustable suspension so having to relearn how to drive an FF car. Looking forward to meeting you all! Blake
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