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Gday - new member


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Welcome Goo! Many Melbournites on here. Get along to a social meet but be careful of scary men in striped FRB 182s with zoom lenses :wink:


how'd you find us?



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I think walkie might be hinting at me, but I'm now sans stripes :wink:


Welcome goo! :D

Not sure when we are next meeting up as it's only been a couple of weeks since the last one. Sometime late Feb/early March has been hinted.


What colour is yours? How'd you find us?

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thanks guys - i've got an 05 182 cup stock except the previous owner had the exhaust changed. it's french racing blue with the gordini stripes (which need replacing!)


it's great to read some of the posts - you seem like a pretty supportive lot!

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Hi Goo,

Welcome to the forum!

Why dont you tell us a little about the wee beasty?


Yeap, theres a decent contingent in Melb, im sure they'll be here to welcome you shortly.


+1 on this one. Pics if you've got them.




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