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Brisbane newbie


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Hi guys , i will start by introducing myself .My name is Roger and just picked up a brand new black 197 last week and absolutely love it.

I have just downsized from a 300+kw XR6turbo. I find the Clio much more fun to drive , i will be doing hillclimbs and motorkhanas with it as well as a daily driver.



i'll add more when i can think of it.

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Welcome! Good luck with the motorsport. Make sure you get some pics 8)

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Hi C-9

Very nice indeed.

Always good to see another Briz - SE QLD join the ranks. Hope to see you at our next (dont know when) meet. Be good to see how it handles from an outside perspective.

So welcome, and enjoy.



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welcome aboard,

i missed going to the hill climb but a mate was there and told me you did really well and he was impressed with your performance. keep it up. :)

I didn't do the hilclimb on Sunday, motorkhana was 2 weeks ago. unless i have a twin?


any meetings or cruise / runs coming up soon ?

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