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Any chance of a Favicon?


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Hey guys,


Love the site, great group of users and a real community growing.


I was looking at all of my browser shortcuts the other day and this is the only site I use now without a favicon.


I would offer to do it for you, but frankly, there are limits to my tech skills.


Any chance of this being put into the development list?

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OK, I'll send that to you as I did the artwork - but what about the background colour? What format does it have to be? Bitmap, JPEG, or GIF? If GIF then it can have a transparent background I guess?

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Given the number of Apple freaks amongst the community...


iPhone icons

As long as we're messing with tiny icons, why not drop in an iPhone icon in case users want to bookmark your page on their iPhone menu? It's just about as easy as creating a favicon and the head tag looks nearly identical.

Apple has instructions on their site for creating a Web Clip icon and specifying an icon for Web Clip, but we have you covered.

Apple recommends using a 57x57 pixel icon, however curious designers who've played with the format discovered that best results seem to come from 60x60 pixel icons at 72dpi. The iPhone will automatically downscale the image, so the size will still be 57 pixels, but you'll get a little bit sharper image starting with the larger dimensions.

Once you've created your 60x60 pixel iPhone icon, upload it to the root directory on your website, just as we did with the favicon file.

The iPhone may discover your image without you needing to tell it where it is it you name the file apple-touch-icon.png, but just to be on the safe side, add this tag to your HTML documents, somewhere in the


And there you have it. All the tiny icons you can eat.

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