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New to Renault


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Hey guys. Been looking around the forum for a while now so I thought i should introduce myself.

Got my 2001 RSC 172 3 months ago. I was looking for something that's fuel efficient and sporty. Naturally a NA 4 cylinder sports car was the choice. Took a while to decide on which car since I was looking for something that's not too generic as well. Then I came across this 172 on carsales. Slightly higher Kms (120k) than most of the others out there but the condition of the car was quite good and it fell right within the lower end of my budget ($10k) at the time so went to the dealer and had a look. Few days later this little rocket's mine. :D


Here are a couple of pics, this was from the 1st day I picked up the car:





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Congrats on the buy! She's looks a beauty. I love Monaco Blue too 8)


You're in Victoria?

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Thanks for the welcome guys. The car turned out better in the photos :P. It needs a full detail as the dealer put a layer of paint sealant on without any polishing before hand so you can see swirls and water marks everywhere :(. I've always been a DIY guy but detailing materials/tools aint cheap so anyone can recommend a good detailer that's not too expensive?


It's due for a service in November so I'm gonna take it to Virage and let them take a look at cambelts etc.


Overall experience with this little beast has been quite good in the last 3 months. The car feels quite torquey for a small NA car which is great coz you don't always have to keep searching for the right gear. I guess coming from a Honda background I would've loved it if it had 1k more rpm tho :)


Also I think I need a passenger side mirror because the one that's on the car now cannot be adjusted inwards enough. I have a suspicion that the previous owner might've replaced the mirror but with one from a LHD car. Gotta track down 2 rear head rests too as the car didn't come with the 2 side ones but that's not as important for me since I was thinking of taking out the rear seats anyway. I mean who needs backseat passengers :wink:.

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Welcome! ahhh, more Monaco Blue 172s are popping up again - nice!


Griffyn will no doubt let you know about detailing contacts. As for the cam belts, if it has had its 4yr/100K service as scheduled then the belts should have been done - check the service books for reassurance. Ideally, it should be up for its second belt change if that was done 4 years ago.


I have a complete spare set of rear headrests too mate, so can hook you up :wink:

Dunno what they are worth but will let you know.


Cheers, Dish.

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Yep just checked out Final inspection's website. Their prices are definitely out of my range (was expecting to pay around $200). Maybe I'll see what I can do myself :)


As for the headrests Dish, definitely let me know how much you want for them. They are not essential for me but I guess I will need them eventually when I sell the car in the future :wink:

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